Normandy French Resistance Monument

The French Resistance was unequivocally important to the success of the liberation of France from German occupation.  From intelligence gathering and harassment of Axis occupiers prior to D-Day to coordinated operations to slow German reinforcements, the French Resistance played a vital role in the success of the Allied Landings at Normandy.  Coordinated and enabled by Allied Jedburgh Teams, French Resistance units undertook a campaign of ambushes and sabotage operations that reduced the combat power of German forces in the region.  As an example, on just on June 5th, 1944, (one day prior to D-Day) French Resistance maquisards carried out nearly 1,000 sabotages, ranging from railroads to communication lines.  The efforts of the French Resistance from 1940 to 1944 should be recognized and there is no better place to do so than Normandy, France.
Every year on June 6th, people from around the world gather in the Normandy Region to commemorate Operation Overlord and the liberation of Europe.  While many French people take part in this celebration and remembrance, most of the focus is on US, British, and Commonwealth efforts.  It is time to honor the French Resistance’s sacrifices and contributions to the success of Operation Overlord. The Normandy French Resistance monument will honor the three components of the French Resistance: the Guerilla, the Underground, and the Auxiliary.