Goals of Operation Democracy

  1. To strengthen the historic and necessary bonds of friendship between France and the United States of America through significant educational projects that will deepen our commitments to student understanding of our Freedom and Democracy and Ethical Leadership.
  2. To make all of us aware that whether we like it or not, we are all ambassadors and diplomats.  We must embrace this responsibility by choosing to be and educating ourselves to be good ambassadors and good diplomats. What each of us does matters.
  3. To honor our veterans in our vow to never forget.

Our Projects

To pass down the lessons of our Locust Valley and Oyster Bay, Long Island WWII History with Normandy, (which, in 1947 founded the concept of Sister Cities with Sainte Mere Eglise); to the next generations so they will understand the costs of our Freedom and Democracy and the imperative to be vigilant in defense of our Western Civilization.

The week of the Remembrance Bowl will be an adventure throughout the Locust Valley Central School District.

In the classroom, kindergarten to 12th grade students will be learning about the historical significance of World War II and D-Day in units tailored to each grade by our wonderful faculty. Local families will host high school educators, coaches and school board members from around the country who have been invited to observe and learn how to continue the Remembrance Bowl in their communities. There will be screenings of the mini-documentary “Sixth of June” by director Henry Roosevelt, which tells the story of the D-Day invasion through the eyes of veterans.

Visit each individual project to donate to the cause.

Your 100% tax-deductible donation to Operation Democracy helps ensure the next generations will understand the costs of our freedom and democracy and the imperative to be vigilant in defense of our Western Civilization. You can make a difference today.